VITURE One SDK for Android

Welcome to VITURE One SDK for Android!

Last updated: Jan 8, 2024

The VITURE One SDK for Android offers a set of APIs designed to enable the VITURE One XR Glasses’ head tracking features. This SDK empowers developers to seamlessly access IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit) data.

Download the SDK and view release history.

Version What's new Release date
1.0.1 - Able to access IMU data.
- Switch between 2D and 3D Modes of the XR Glasses.
- Control the XR Glasses and switch resolutions.
Jan 8, 2023

Key functionalities and features include:

1. USB Initialization & Device Access

2. IMU Data Handling

3. Event Callbacks

4. Device Control

5. Error Handling

6. Resource Management


Supports Android 8 and newer versions.

Overall, the SDK empowers developers to initialize, control, and interact with the XR Glasses, managing IMU data, device states, and event callbacks effectively while handling potential errors.

API Reference: For detailed API information, kindly download the SDK and refer to the VITURE One Android SDK Guide.pdf.

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