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VITURE is creating not one but three major products: VITURE One XR Glasses, Neckband, and Mobile Dock — not to mention a slew of accessories, including lens shades, the Neckband’s charging case, extra long magnetic cables, and others.

Our current projected launch timeline is as follows:

VITURE One XR Glasses

  • Shipping now! To ensure quality in this early stage, production is not currently running at full speed as we make sure each part meets our quality standards. Please give us a bit more patience.
  • We are in the process of fulfilling Kickstarter pledges first, then we will begin fulfilling preorders. If you also ordered a Neckband or Mobile Dock, your XR Glasses will ship alongside these pieces when they are available. If your pledge/preorder consisted of VITURE One XR Glasses only, keep an eye on your email inbox for shipping confirmation soon.
  • We expect a brief pause due to Chinese New Year celebrations, but we will get as many units out as we can before the holiday. Production and shipping will then resume in February.
  • If you have any questions, concerns, or feedback, please email us at

Neckband & Mobile Dock

  • Expected to begin shipping in February (see below).

Other Accessories

  • To accompany associated devices (the 110cm USB-C to Magnetic Connector Cable will ship alongside the XR Glasses, the Nintendo Switch Mobile Dock Mounts will ship with the Mobile Dock, and so on).

Innovative products pose challenges, and rather than rushing out something mediocre or forgettable, VITURE is committed to delivering perfection. After the recent success of our XR Glasses trial program, we’ve decided to expand the testing period to include our Neckband & Mobile Dock. Our testers will be receiving these devices soon.

Our testers helped us improve VITURE One XR Glasses in many ways, and we have full faith that the same will be true of our other devices. We sincerely apologize for the shipping delay this will cause, but we believe it is in the best interest of your VITURE One experience and the only way for us to fulfill our promise to change the way you stay entertained forever.

Thank you for your continued patience and support as we lay the groundwork for the future of XR together!

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(This page will be updated as products launch or new developments occur. Updated 1/8/2023.)

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