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VITURE is creating not one but three major products — VITURE One XR Glasses, Neckband, and Mobile Dock — plus a slew of accessories, including lens shades, the Neckband’s charging case, mounts, and others.

Innovative products pose challenges, and rather than rushing out something mediocre or forgettable, VITURE is committed to delivering perfection – and we’re closer than ever.

Our current projected launch timeline is as follows:


Fulfillment of Jet Black & Matte/Glossy Indigo units is complete! 🎉

Remaining Marshmallow units are expected to ship in mid-July.


VITURE ONE XR GLASSES & MOBILE DOCK: Fulfillment complete!
NECKBAND: On backorder; remaining pre-ordered Neckbands are expected to ship between mid and late July.

Thank you for your continued patience and support as we lay the groundwork for the future of XR together.

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(This page will be updated as products launch or new developments occur. Updated
Batch 12- Estimated Shipping Time:
mid may 2023
Batch 9-11
Sold Out
Batch 12
Selling Now
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