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10 Innovations That Set VITURE One Apart From The Rest
January 8, 2024

VITURE has always led the way in the XR industry, from our design, numerous inventions and patents, and even our groundbreaking new experiences on iOS.

Let's take a look at the 10 World's First Features that set VITURE One ahead of the pack!

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1. The world’s first XR Glasses with dimmable electrochromic film.

Clearer images and outstanding visuals, indoors and out.

Set the mood with the tap of a button. 

VITURE One XR Glasses are the first of their kind to feature outer lenses with dimmable electrochromic films that darken as needed for a crisper, richer visual in bright environments — and then brighten again just as easily so you can interact with the world around you!

2. The world’s first XR Glasses with audio designed in partnership with HARMAN.

Crystal clear picture & stunning sound are hallmarks of the VITURE One experience.

VITURE One's built-in speakers are powered by HARMAN AudioEFX and feature cutting-edge reverse sound field technology for better privacy and fewer disturbances to those around you.

Our XR Glasses were also the first to feature built-in accessibility features like the myopia dials above each lens — a must for near-sighted users!

3. The world’s first XR glasses that natively support Apple’s spatial video.

An amazing new way to capture memories in three dimensions.

Immerse yourself in spatial video captured on iPhone 15 Pro and relive precious moments and memories again and again — all without the wait or the $3500 price tag.

Spatial video is just one of many features unlocked with VITURE One's exclusive SpaceWalker app on iOS!

4. The world’s first and only XR glasses offering an XR experience for iPhone.

Make the most of your iPhone: download the free SpaceWalker app and connect to VITURE One!

SpaceWalker unlocks your iPhone's XR potential with multiscreen capabilities, enhanced 3DoF, VR video, and 1-click 3D (iPhone 15 only).

It's the perfect way to travel light and stay productive on the go — not to mention having a portable cinema in your pocket.

You can learn more about SpaceWalker in the VITURE Academy.

5. The world’s first XR glasses designed for gamers, with full support for all consoles!

A 120" full HD virtual display beats a tiny handheld screen any day.

With a little help from accessories like our Mobile Dock, VITURE One boasts the great range of compatibility of any XR glasses in its class, earning a well-deserved spot in any gamer's tech arsenal.

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6. The world’s first XR glasses partnered with the best remote play apps.

Your full console library at your fingertips anywhere, anytime.

We've partnered with PSPlay & XBXPlay to make these two fan-favorite apps FREE to our Neckband users (a nearly $10 value!).

The VITURE One Neckband is powered by the cloud and optimized for streaming even the most heavy-hitting AAA titles on the go — and thanks to PSPlay & XBXPlay, connecting to your console at home is easier than ever before.

7. The world’s first and only XR glasses supporting local co-op and sharing a screen.

Everything is better together.

With VITURE One's Mobile Dock, you can connect two pairs of XR Glasses to the same device — perfect for playing your favorite co-op Switch games on the go or streaming a movie together from your phone to VITURE One's massive virtual display.

VITURE one is the first and only XR ecosystem made to be enjoyed together!

8. The world’s first XR Glasses with a magnetic connector for easy clip on and off.

No getting the cord caught and yanking off the glasses!

VITURE One are the first XR glasses to take even the connector into consideration when designing for a supremely refined user experience.

Thanks to our magnetic connector, you can connect and disconnect to your devices one-handed without having to take off the glasses each time — and, if your cable ever gets caught on anything it will simply disconnect with no harm to VITURE One!

9. The world’s first XR Glasses made with full metal materials (including titanium hinges).

Quality, durability, and longevity are central to each element of VITURE One's design.

From support for universal standards like USB-C to emphasis on cloud computing and even full-body construction using aircraft grade alloys (including sturdy titanium hinges), VITURE One is built to last inside and out.

10. The world’s first XR Glasses with built-in 3DoF (beta).

Pin the screen in place to turn and see the world around you!

Anchor VITURE One's display in place so you can turn and interact with the world around you as needed — perfect for keeping your eyes free to check your phone or even use your XR Glasses as a portable second display for your laptop.

VITURE One are the first XR Glasses with 3DoF built-in to the glasses themselves, giving you the freedom to use this feature on any device.

VITURE has been dedicated to innovation since the beginning and it shows in every element of the VITURE One ecosystem.

Our vision of the future: instant access to all your favorite games, movies, shows and more anywhere, anytime.

Join the revolution: get VITURE One or preorder the new VITURE One Lite today!

The XR Glasses Everyone Is Raving About!

Parameters VITURE One XREAL Air 2/2 Pro XREAL Air Rokid Max Rokid Air 2
Electrochromic Film Yes 2 No 2Pro Yes No No No
Adjustable Diopters -5.0D Yes No No -6.0D Yes No
Remote Play on Consoles/PC Yes No No No No
Ultimate iPhone XR Experience Yes No No No No
Titanium Material Yes No No No No
Built-in 3DoF Yes No No No No
Switch Compatibility Yes No No No Yes
Co-op Games/Movie-sharing Yes No No No No
PPD 55 49 49 45 49
Screen Size 120'' in 4m 130'' in 4m 130'' in 4m 140'' in 4m 130'' in 4m
Audio HARMAN speakers Self-developed Self-developed Self-developed Self-developed
Ports Magnetic Type-C Type-C Type-C Type-C
FOV 43 46 46 50 46
Brightness 1800 nits 500 nits 400 nits 600 nits 600 nits
Weight 78g 72g/75g 79g 75g 76g