Neckband OS Release Updates

Release date: Jul 11, 2024

Simply say "Hey Vizard" to easily launch the Vizard app.

No need to fumble with buttons! Now you can say "Quit" or "Exit" to conveniently close the Vizard app with voice commands.

Addressed several issues that could cause speech recognition failures.

Release date: Jun 12, 2024

Release date: Mar 26, 2024


Release date: Dec 22, 2023


Release date: Nov 20, 2023

Added support for the Shadow PC app on the Neckband platform, allowing users to seamlessly utilize this application with our operating system.


Release date: Oct 27, 2023

Improved cloud gaming performance and stability for GeForce NOW.

Reduced latency and stutter when gaming over Wi-Fi networks.

Fix a number of other minor bugs.


Release date: Sep 8, 2023

Change your region in Settings to see more local apps. (Not currently available in every region)

View app details before downloading an app.

Copy, move, delete files in the 3D Player app.

“Watch from the beginning” option for watched videos.

Choose quiet or EXTRA QUIET level when Quiet Mode is enabled. 

We recommend enabling Extra Quiet only: when you are at normal room temperature (between 68° and 76°F); for lengths of time less than 1 hour; and when watching movies and TV shows. Extended use of the Extra Quiet setting may cause components to overheat and be damaged over time. Use with caution. 

Fix offline viewing error in the Netflix app.

Fix date and time error when not connected to the Internet.


Release date: Jul 5, 2023

PSPlay enables remote play from your PlayStation 5/4 console, XBXPlay enables remote play from your Xbox Series X|S or Xbox One. Normally $6 each, both are now free on VITURE's app store!

Get started with PSPlay and XBXPlay.


Release date: May 17, 2023


Release date: May 12, 2023


Release date: Apr 3, 2023


Release date: Feb 25, 2023