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Which languages will you support?

Our Neckband runs on an Android-based all-in-one OS which supports most languages. English is set as the default, but you can select a different language in the settings at any time.

What will the experience be like for people with only one eye?

VITURE One will still be usable for people with only one eye. The glasses’ display is dual-screen (one screen per lens) and for most content the same image is shown to both eyes. The only feature that may be seriously impacted is 3D content playback.


Our Neckband supports AirPlay, but some DRM protected content is blocked via AirPlay (such as Netflix and Disney+). DRM content has no restrictions on wired connections, so we recommend our Mobile Dock accessory for the best iPhone experience on VITURE One. The Mobile Dock is also great for connecting HDMI devices to VITURE One, playing the Nintendo Switch in docked mode on the go, and for extending the battery life of USB-C devices (like the Steam Deck) by 2.5x or more!

Does Kickstarter issue refunds?

Kickstarter does not issue refunds. However, in our case, we have a full refund policy. You can read all about our returns policy here:

Will VITURE One be available in China?

Yes! We will even have a Chinese OS preloaded with the content and apps most popular in China.

How does VITURE One compare to Nreal Air?

VITURE One XR Glasses have many unique features not found in other devices, including:

  1. Dimmable electrochromic film that allows for swapping between Immersive and Ambient modes;
  2. Advanced cooling that keeps the device comfortably below body temperature;
  3. A virtual surround sound system powered by HARMAN AudioEFX that offers an amazing audio experience;
  4. Native 3D video support;
  5. A magnetic connector designed to be easily connected or disconnected with one hand;
  6. Myopia adjustments for users who wear corrective lenses;
  7. An overall lighter weight than all the other glasses.

One of the main issues with other glasses is compatibility; that's why, in addition to near universal USB-C compatibility, we strive to deliver an amazing and uncomparable all-in-one experience with our Neckband and Mobile Dock, two innovative accessories that helped us land on TIME's Best Inventions of 2022 list (the only XR device recognized in the consumer AR & VR category, a great honor!)

You can learn more about the innovations that set VITURE One apart from the others here:

What accessories are included?

The VITURE One XR Glasses include: 

  • a microfiber cloth
  • 110cm cable
  • carrying case
  • manual 

The VITURE One Neckband includes:

  • charging case
  • USB-C charging cable
  • manual

The VITURE One Mobile Dock includes:

  • 4K USB-C short cable
  • charging cable

Other available add-ons and accessories include:

  • prescription lens frame attachment
  • Mobile Dock mount for the Steam Deck
  • Mobile Dock mount for the Switch
  • full-opacity shade cover

All of these are available now in our store.

Orders, Payments, & Shipping

We’re already shipping VITURE One XR Glasses, and the rest of the VITURE One ecosystem is on the way. You can see our full launch timeline here:

Our team members have years of experiences in this industry, but there are a few more things that might help inspire confidence in what we’ve created:

1. VITURE One was recognized as a "Project We Love" by Kickstarter.

Kickstarter rarely marks an AR/VR project as PWL due to the ordinarily high risk of fulfillment, but even our early testing models were capable of all the features we promised from day one.

2. VITURE One was made in collaboration with LAYER.

LAYER is one of the most prestigious design firms in the world. They designed B&O's iconic speaker and have partnered with many top brands, including Google and Nike. They never work with a “nobody company” – they were very excited about VITURE One from day one and have shared about our design process on their Instagram account and other channels.

3. We also collaborated with HARMAN.

In addition to our work with LAYER, we’re also proud to have teamed up with HARMAN, the audio engineers behind the magnificent sound systems found in Mercedes Benz and BMW automobiles.

VITURE One’s in-built sound system is powered by HARMAN AudioEFX.

4. Working with the same major manufacturer as Apple & Nokia.Our manufacturer is very selective and doesn’t usually work with startups. Your VITURE One will be produced on the same manufacturing line as many of your other favorite products, from pieces created by the most advanced production machinery in the world and will have passed all of our most rigorous reliability tests.

Why did the company shy away from adding a camera for AR applications?

A camera creates a huge burden on the CPU and battery. Almost all the AR glasses with cameras are not massively adopted by the consumer market because they’re bulky, heavy, and more expensive (because of the need for a high-end CPU). Perhaps more importantly, the regulation of cameras is getting more and more restricted worldwide due to privacy concerns, and we want VITURE One to be available and usable in as many places as possible!

Are the VITURE One XR Glasses also compatible with VR software, such as Steam VR or Oculus Software?

They are supported but we do not recommend them. Those software experiences are designed for the large FOV typical in VR headsets, but not for the fixed FOV in AR. Though our glasses support VR applications, most users choose not to use them because, though the experience is usable, it’s not as enjoyable as it would be in the devices those applications/software were designed for.

Shipping address

You can change your address one month prior to the shipment. We will notify backers when we are going to lock the shipping address.

Allow me some time to communicate

Thanks for reaching out! Please allow me some time to communicate with the team on this and I will reach out to you whenever I got more information.

Thank you for your patience!


We have consulted Kickstarter and we do have tax obligations, because once the order is fulfilled, it is not a donation anymore.

Here are a few links:,with%20backers%20in%20each%20state

You may have already read it in the comment section, but just want to share with you. We want to collect taxes ahead so that the delivery will be very smooth. Thanks again for your support!

What does the 1 year warranty cover? And will there be an option to add an additional year or years for the device?

The warranty covers the main products of any quality issues. We are exploring the option to extend the warranty per backers' requests. It will be figured out by the service team and stay tuned!

When to lock the survey?

We will lock the order 14 days after we sent the survey, so please fill out the survey within the next 2 weeks

When will you have more color options?

For now, we need to limit the number of SKUs to ensure we are on track to deliver products in time. We are working hard to deliver the best product and hope you will enjoy it soon~~ Thank you so much!

Issue price difference?

The price difference $30 has been refunded to you. Thank you so much for your patience and support! Please feel free to let us know if you have further questions!

Haven’t got the survey.

Thanks for reaching out! I've resent a survey to your email.

Can I ask for a payment extension because I have some financial difficulties at this moment?

Totally understand. It's okay to not pay now. We'll send out a backer's survey to you. You can submit the payment through the survey. The price will remain the same for you. Thank you for your support!

Not a backer yet.

Thank you for your interest in VITURE. We are sorry that I couldn't find your pledge at this moment. But would you like backing VITURE ONE? I can add you to our backerkit. You will be able to choose your pledge and add-ons in it. If you do, please let me know your name, email address and your pledge, I'll add you in from my end. Thank you again for your interest and support!

Am I too late to back this project?

Not at all! You can pre-order on our website: Or if you like, we can add you to our BackerKit in two weeks.

If my pledge is still pending, can I cancel that?

While the status is pending, we are not allowed to do any action, but it will be automatically dropped after 7 days. Please let us know if it is still collected by that time and we will be able to issue a full refund to you.

Would it be possible to cancel my pledge?

The refund was issued. We still feel very grateful that you took the time to consider us and support us! We are working hard to deliver the best product and hope you will enjoy it one day!

Can I order more add-ons and how can I share my shipping address with you?

We will send out backer's surveys 14 days after the campaign end once Kickstarter finalize the backer report:) And you will be able to select color, choose back cover, enter shipping address, select more add-ons, etc in the survey. Thank you for your patience and support!

Does the Mobile Dock support other dockable systems besides the Nintendo Switch? If I backed on Kickstarter, can I add a Mobile Dock in the pledge manager?

Yes, the Mobile Dock is compatible with any HDMI device, including TV sticks, your gaming PC, or even legacy consoles like the PS3 or Xbox 360. The dock itself is also a 40W 12000mAh power bank, to keep your Switch and other USB-C devices powered longer. 

And yes, you can add the Mobile Dock at any time in the pledge manager (it’s also available for preorder at!

If the glasses have no internal battery, is there a way to dim/brighten the electrochromic film without it being connected to the Neckband? What does it default to when not connected to the neckband or dock?

You can change the opacity of the electrochromic film as long as the glasses are connected to any power source (you can plug the glasses into your laptop, Android phone, or a power bank). There is no default state, you can choose any setting and the film doesn’t require power to maintain it, whether it’s at 3% or even 80% opacity.

Can I cast what I see in my XR Glasses to an external device (i.e. a SmartTV) so that friends can watch me play games or watch the same content?

You can cast TO your VITURE One, but there is currently no native support for casting FROM the VITURE One XR Glasses/Neckband. However, it is possible to accomplish this using an app like TeamViewer.

How can I type when using VITURE One?

There are many ways to type:

1. Voice control (powered by Google Assistant): dictate your message by speaking it out loud, just as you might do on your phone.

2. Touch pad on the Neckband (a virtual keyboard will appear, just as you might expect on a tablet).

3. Bluetooth-enabled input devices such as keyboards and game controllers.

How many devices can I connect to the VITURE One Neckband?

The neckband supports up to five simultaneously connected Bluetooth devices, including game controllers, keyboards, mouses, and more. However, there can only be one audio output device at a time.

What is head gaze control?

VITURE One runs an all-in-one OS similar to Android: most apps are designed to be used on a touch screen or directional keypad, and while VITURE One’s Neckband keypad is great for navigating most menus, you may encounter some that are better optimized for touch controls.

This is where head gaze control comes in!

Simply launch this function and tilt your head in any direction to move an on-screen cursor.

Connecting a mouse, keyboard, or gamepad is always an option of course, but head gaze is a great alternative that allows users to navigate without the use of additional devices, great for packing light or navigating an app on the go.

Will it hurt eyes after long use?

No. Using VITURE One actually puts less strain on the eyes than using a mobile phone.

There are three things that affect the vision most when dealing with screens:

Being too close. The smaller the screen, the more your eyes have to strain to focus, the greater the fatigue. VITURE ONE’s virtual screen is at an apparent distance of 3 meters – much better when compared to 0.5m or closer (the distance of your arm) for mobile phones.

Too dark. Without proper lighting, the eyes need to make a greater effort to see. VITURE One’s optical engine provides up to 1800 nits brightness and users can easily adjust the brightness to their comfort level.

Too small. When a screen’s font size is too small it’s difficult to read and causes more eye fatigue. Mobile phone screens average around 6.7 inches – all the content is small, and you have to either hold it closer to read or strain your eyes. VITURE One’s screen is 120 inches, so everything is easy and comfortable to read.

Can I watch movies from an external drive or USB?

Yes! The USB-C port on the neckband is fully USB3.1. compatible. Simply install a file manager app on the Neckband and then you can access all the files on your external hard drive or USB within the VITURE One interface.

Do you support Plex?

Yes, VITURE One supports virtually all video streaming apps through the neckband’s all-in-one Android-powered OS. Finally, you can access and enjoy your personal Plex media library on the go without watching on your phone!

Is VITURE One a virtual reality device? Does it only work on a Windows PC or will it also work with an Oculus Quest 2 VR headset?

VITURE One is different from VR headsets – it’s an XR (extended reality) system that creates a virtual screen that functions as a 120” TV viewed at 3 meters. 

VITURE One will work with Windows PCs and Mac! You can install Steam Link, Moonlight (for Nvidia graphics cards), or AMD link (for AMD graphics cards) and pair with your PC to play your PC games from anywhere over a 5G or WiFi connection.

How can the Nintendo Switch connect to VITURE One? It doesn’t have a Cloud connection like the Xbox or PlayStation.

You’re right – that’s why we designed the Mobile Dock to function as a bridge between your Switch and VITURE One. The dock is small and easily portable (we even have an optional mount to attach it to your Switch for ease of carry). This will allow you to play in 1080p on the big virtual screen instead of 720p on the small screen.You can learn more about the Mobile Dock here.

Will I be able to interact with PC and/or iPhone for productivity reasons?

Yes. VITURE One directly connect with any PC or Mac with USB-C video output and used as an external monitor. With the Neckband, you can AirPlay your iPhone to the XR Glasses; with the Mobile Dock, you can directly project your iPhone to glasses with a Lightning-HDMI or Lightning-USB-C adapter.

Will it be possible to use these for computing – for example, with a Mac Mini?

Yes! You can port the glasses to any device with USB-C and DP signal. Mac is supported.

How far can I be away from my console and use VITURE One?

As long as you have a stable 100Mbps+ network at both ends, the gaming experience is as smooth as if you were in the same room.

Can a game console (like the PS5) connect to VITURE One?

Absolutely – just install the PSPlay app and pair it with your PS5/4. After pairing, you can play your PlayStation from anywhere with 5G or WiFi.

I wear glasses. Can I still use VITURE One?

You can easily adjust each lens of the VITURE One XR Glasses to your prescription (0 to -5.00D) with the convenient knobs located on the top of the frames. If your prescription doesn't fall into this range, no worries – to make sure everyone has access to the fullest experience VITURE One can offer, we’ve also developed a prescription frame that you can have your own lenses fitted into and magnetically attach to your VITURE One glasses.This lens attachment is available in our store.

Is there a way to make the glasses very transparent for use indoors?

Yes, VITURE One is adjustable between 5% and 80% transparency – you will be able to see clearly indoors!

Do VITURE One XR Glasses come in different widths for larger/smaller heads?

There will only be one size available at launch, but the frame temples can bend outwards up to 30 degrees, allowing for a 135-175mm head width range. Each pair of XR Glasses will also include varying sizes of nose rests for a customizable fit.

What are the frame/refresh rates, input lag, and latency like?

VITURE One’s virtual screen has a frame rate of 60fps and a refresh rate of 75Hz. 

If your connection is 100+Mbps (like most home Wi-Fi), you won’t feel any lag or latency at all. If you’re playing on a network that’s only around 40Mbps (like you might find in busy places like schools or cafes), a latency of 20ms is typical. On faster mobile networks such as 5G, latency is usually below 10ms.

How is the picture/video quality compared to VR headsets? Will we see pixels?

No pixels at all. VITURE One’s pixel density (PPD: 55) is equivalent to a retina display; 2.3x that of the Oculus Quest 2 and 3.4x the Quest 1. 

PPI (pixels per inch) is used to describe the density of pixels of physical displays. A retina display’s PPI is 300-400 – pixels are invisible to the human eye at this level. 

For AR/VR displays, we use PPD (pixel per degree) instead. A retina display’s PPI converted to PPD is nearly 60. VITURE One’s PPD is 55. In comparison, most VR headsets’ PPD is under 30: Oculus Quest 1’s PPD is 16, Quest 2’s PPD is 24.

VITURE One’s image quality is much better than any VR headset!

Where does the sound come from?

We’ve partnered with prestigious speaker company HARMAN (audio engineers for Mercedes Benz & BMW) to deliver the best possible audio system: a directional speaker embedded in the glasses’ temples (a similar design and function as the Bose frames) and powered by HARMAN AudioEFX. VITURE One will also support your favorite Bluetooth audio devices so that you can listen in privacy or in loud spaces.

How “future-proof” are these glasses? Might they be compatible with future hand-held gaming devices?

Most of the ways you’ll use VITURE One involve Cloud computing: if you’re playing a game on GeForce Now, for example, VITURE One is not running that game – all of that happens on the RTX 3080-powered servers at GeForce.

Similarly, if you’re connecting to your PS5, it’s your console that’s running the game, not VITURE One. Our Neckband is powered by an all-in-one operating system and is fully compatible with all your favorite companion apps. So long as consoles and services continue to have Android-compatible companion apps, you will be able to connect and play on VITURE One!

From a hardware standpoint, VITURE One’s connectivity is based on USB-C. USB-C is the latest standardized port for both power and information, and is likely to be supported by manufacturers across the world for a decade or more. If you include our Mobile Dock accessory too (which supports HDMI, another port that isn’t likely to be going anywhere for some time), then VITURE One is compatible with almost any device and will continue to be for many years.

Both of these things considered, you can expect to enjoy your VITURE One for quite some time!

Will VITURE One work with the major streaming apps on an iPhone without requiring a neckband ?

Yes, you can connect your iPhone directly using a Lightning-to-USB-C cable or via the Mobile Dock to enjoy all the streaming apps from your iPhone.

How’s the battery life?

VITURE One XR Glasses are powered by the device they’re connected to.For the Neckband, you can expect an average battery life of 2 hours while gaming or 3 hours while streaming video on a single charge. Want extra play time? Connect the Neckband to our Mobile Dock (which doubles as a 12,000mAH power bank) and enjoy an additional 10 hours of screen time.

Will you be able to use VITURE One XR Glasses to watch movies?

Yes, of course! Powered by an all-in-one OS, the VITURE Neckband supports almost all major video streaming services, including Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, HBOMax, Disney+, Prime Video, Twitch, and more. Watch your favorite film or series at the touch of a button.Or, if you only have the XR Glasses, connect directly to any USB-C device (like your iPad, Android phone, or others) and stream from your favorite app that way.

Do I have to be on the same connection as my computer or console to stream games? If not, how do I turn my computer on remotely?

You can connect to your PC or console and play games from anywhere in the world over a strong Wi-Fi or 5G connection! For example, PSPlay can connect to your PS5/4 over your cellular network; Moonlight can connect to your PC over a cafe’s Wi-Fi, and so on. Your computer or console just needs to be in idle mode, or for PC you can use a remote app to wake your PC up from afar.

How can I play AAA Xbox/PlayStation/PC games anywhere, anytime?

VITURE One’s Neckband runs an all-in-one OS optimized for Cloud gaming, remote play, and video streaming. 

The most convenient way to start playing your favorite AAA titles are Cloud gaming platforms: GeForce Now, Xbox Cloud Gaming, Parsec and many more. With these services, you don’t have to own a console or PC and can play at 60fps in 1080p without lag on any Internet connection of 100Mbps+. This experience may even exceed your own PC/console’s capabilities – for example, GeForce Now provides their cutting edge GTX 3080 + Ray Tracing technology over the Cloud! 

For PlayStation 5 and 4, you can install the PSPlay app and pair it with your PS5/4. After pairing, you can access your PlayStation library from anywhere over 5G or WiFi. 

Similarly for Xbox, you can sideload the Xbox Game Pass app and play all your Xbox games over the Cloud. 

For PC, you can install Steam Link, Moonlight (for Nvidia graphics cards), or AMD link (AMD graphics cards) and pair with your PC. After pairing, you can play your PC games anywhere with a 5G or WiFi connection.

You can even play mobile games, including all the available games you might find on the Google Play Store. Just install and play!

Are the XR Glasses plug & play/all-in-one, or will I have to plug into the Neckband for Google Play access? Will I need any other device to get started?

VITURE One XR Glasses are compatible with most USB-C devices that supply video and power (including Macbooks, laptops, most Android phones, the Steam Deck, and others). For the best experience, we highly recommend that you connect the glasses with our lightweight Neckband neckband. Simply pair your favorite controller and start playing or streaming your favorites!

What does the Neckband actually do?

The Neckband powers VITURE One XR Glasses for an all-in-one experience right out of the box.Complete with an easy-to-use interface that brings all your favorite content together in one place, the Neckband arrives preinstalled with most major cloud gaming and video streaming services (including GeForce Now, Xbox Cloud, YouTube, Twitch, and more) so that you’re ready to play from the moment you turn it on. The Neckband connects to the XR Glasses with a convenient magnetic cord and allows you to pair your favorite controller/mouse & keyboard and start watching or playing at the touch of a button.

What are XR Glasses?

While some people might call them AR glasses, we prefer the term “XR glasses.” VITURE strives to become the defining brand of this category. 

True “Augmented Reality” (AR) isn’t possible yet – in AR, the real world has to be perfectly layered with virtual objects and/or backgrounds in real time, and the technology required for something like this doesn’t exist at the size required for a portable device like glasses (yet). Instead, VITURE One is focused on Extended Reality (XR), an expansion of the real world. Our XR glasses look like ordinary, stylish sunglasses, but contain a virtual screen inside that enables you to play games or watch movies anywhere, anytime on a 5G/WiFi connection – a uniquely portable way to enjoy your favorite forms of entertainment on the go.

Connected with our Neckband, you’ll have almost all major cloud gaming and video streaming services at your fingertips. Pair your favorite controller and start watching or playing at the touch of a button.

What is your return policy?

Thanks for reaching out! VITURE One includes a one year limited warranty and is returnable within 30 days of receipt (shipping costs and restocking fees may be deducted from your refund).You can read our full shipping and returns policy here:

Will you be doing a test run or allowing people to try VITURE One before buying?

While we can’t offer a trial to everyone, VITURE One has been rigorously tested by many of our Kickstarter backers as well as third-party tech reviewers from publications like PC Gamer – check these out to get an idea of what the VITURE One experience is like!

When will VITURE One be available for purchase?

VITURE One is available for pre-order now at special pre-order rates! Please visit our website,, for more details and bundle options. Orders of VITURE One XR Glasses began shipping in December 2022, while orders containing other accessories (such as our Neckband and Mobile Dock) are expected to begin shipping in late January/February 2023.Our full launch timeline is available at

How can I pre-order?

Thanks so much for your support! VITURE One is available exclusively in our online store:

Head Gaze

For head gaze, pressing on the confirm button is the easiest way to browse through. we can do typical "hang in air 3 secs" for 100% hands-free but it's too slow. voice commend is also supported by google assistant.

How to charge the glasses?

The glasses themselves don't have a built-in battery, you will need a device to use together. With the neckband, the steam deck or some Android phones, iPad or a laptop could work well. At the same time, please find a compatible device list here:

How to switch to “VITURE” speaker?

In Dex mode, please go to the "speaker" icon on the bottom(or audio in setting) and choose the "switch icon" to switch between different audio output devices. You will find and choose "VITURE" there and it should work!

Comparing with Nreal

VITURE One has better color correction, sound quality, comfortability, built-in vision correction designed for immersive gaming/movie experience.

Blurry issues?

Could I know your PD (pupil distance)? To solve that problem, you could dial the myopia adjustment, or change the nose pad to a smaller size to bring the screen closer to your eyes. If none of the nose pads work for you, try using the glasses without the nose pad. And we are working on offering a better solution, which will be updated later.

About how to measure the PD?

There are a number of sites that can help you measure your PD (pupil distance)! Here's one I found that you can use: ( All you need is a laptop or smartphone with a camera and a card with a magnetic strip! Please let us know what the resulting measurement is; as the most ideal range is 60-67mm.

How to use electrochromic films? (AR/VR mode)

The ambient mode is a feature on the neckband instead of the glasses. The glasses will become even more powerful once used together with the neckband. The glasses themselves do have electrochromic film though, currently you need to press a few more times to get it to an optimal state. The immersion is subtle in a dark environment. The best way to observe it is to face somewhere bright and look at the area outside the viewport, then you will find the color changing. However, the best experience still comes with the neckband as the immersive/ambient mode is pretty cool!

How to switch between 2D and 3D Mode?

For the 2D/3D mode changing, you need to long press the "mode button" until it switches to 3D mode. You need 3840x1080 video source to play 3D content on the glasses. You can try this video on your PC/Mac: The real 3D effect should work then.

You can also play that on Samsung phone's VLC player. It will just automatically work if you switch the glasses to 3D mode. Here are 3D movie resources for your travel: . Hope you enjoy it!

PS5 doesn't support 3D mode. The 3D mode is only for the video source of 3840x1080. You could try this video: on PC/Mac or VLC on mobile phone. Other than that, the default 2D mode is for the most use cases.

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The Nintendo Switch is a uniquely portable console, but a 120” 1080p/70fps virtual beats a 6.2” 720p/30fps screen any day – with the Mobile Dock, you can take your favorite Switch games on the go with VITURE One instead.
Full HDMI Compatibility
Computers, legacy consoles, TV sticks – you name it. If it has an HDMI port, you can enjoy it on VITURE One with the Mobile Dock.
Two Glasses, One Screen
Play co-op games or watch a movie together in XR. Connecting two VITURE One XR Glasses to the same device with the Mobile Dock is just like going out to the theater, but without the sticky seats.
A Little Extra Juice
The Mobile Dock is also a 12,000mAH/40W power bank, providing up to 12 hours of extra playtime for your devices (6+ on the Nintendo Switch & Steam Deck).
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