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VITURE: Official Partner of PSPlay & XBXPlay
July 7, 2023
PSPlay & XBXPlay — the best console streaming apps on the market — are now FREE for VITURE One Neckband owners.
PSPlay & XBXPlay — the best console streaming apps on the market — are now FREE for VITURE One Neckband owners.

The freedom to remotely play your favorite console games anywhere, anytime is one of the most exciting benefits of VITURE One's Neckband.

If you're a console gamer who likes to play on the go, you probably already know that PSPlay and XBXPlay are widely regarded as the best remote play apps on the market — so it's only natural that they should both be available on VITURE One!

Each app usually costs $5.99 (plus tax) on the Google Play Store, but we're happy to announce that both PSPLay and XBXPlay are now FREE for VITURE One Neckband owners!

PSPlay is by far the best remote play app we have ever tried, and the app's creator loves VITURE as well. He shares our commitment to striving for the best experience for all gamers and we're so glad to have come together and make VITURE One better than ever. Check out PSPlay's announcement in their Reddit community.


Both apps are included in the Neckband's latest update (as well as a few bug fixes and improvements like the addition of a Bluetooth [Connect] option).

To update your Neckband, navigate to SETTINGS -> DEVICE PREFERENCES -> ABOUT -> SYSTEM UPDATE

When the update is complete, restart the Neckband. Both apps will then be available to install free of charge from the STORE tab.

Here's a short video walkthrough to help you easily find your way through the menu:

When you're setting up PSPlay and/or XBXPlay, please make sure both your console and Neckband are connected to the same 5 GHz Wi-Fi network (5 GHz is faster and more stable than a 2.4 GHz network).

To keep everything running smoothly, once you're set up, go into the Settings on either app and make sure the following are set:

  • Resolution is set to 1080p
  • Refresh rate is 60fps
  • HEVC is checked
  • Automatic Remote Connection is turned on

And that's it — you're ready to enjoy your full library of Xbox and PlayStation games anywhere in the world. Just throw VITURE One and your favorite controller in your bag and play wherever you please. 😎 Happy gaming!